Dressed With Love

Starting yoga sculpting classes tomorrow morning!

So I’ve been struggling with my weight loss this week. I’m down a pound, then up a pound, then up, then down.. So I’m trying something new. Tomorrow begins “The 5 Bite Diet”! It was featured on the Dr. Oz show. I’ll post about how it’s working for me daily :)

1/2 banana
A couple pita crisps with hummus
Popcorn chicken with Quinoa, sweet potato & kale
A marshmallow with toasted coconut

129.6 lbs

New Beginnings

I am starting this Tumblr as a new beginning. I suffered from anorexia for many years and I’m in this mentality again that I want to lose weight. I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see.. But this time around I’m trying to instill a healthier lifestyle within myself. I’m going to be posting inspiration, a food log and my stats daily to keep myself motivated, and hopefully I’ll be able to find support and be a support to other people as well. Here’s to being thin and healthy!

Shades of Burgundy Ruffle jacket Square bag
Ankle booties
Ankle booties
Ankle booties
Ankle booties